Free Mosquito Ringtones
Free Mosquito Ringtones

Getting the tone onto your phone:

How do I get the ringtones onto my mobile phone?

All of the free ringtones provided by us are in MP3 format. Most cell phones today use MP3 as the default format for ringtone, however, not all cell phones support MP3’s especially older models. Before you download the tones, you may want to check to see if your cell phone supports MP3 ringtones. After you have verified that your cell phone will support MP3 ringtones, please try out the various ring tones to make sure you are able to hear them on a reliable basis and under various conditions to prevent excessive missed calls. You can use the following methods to transfer the ringtones to your mobile phone once you have selected 2 or 3 that you feel to be the best match with your hearing ability. The key here is select one that you can hear at all conditions(this one can be your regular ringtone and not one from our selection), one that you want to use to be discreet or curtious,(maybe something that you can use in a movie theater) and a final one to use when you are in “silent running” mode and don’t want to attract any accidental adult attention.

    Using Bluetooth Wireless Link

    Bluetooth is becoming a very popular method of transferring files between your phone and your PC(or another phone). Most new mobile phones supports Bluetooth since practically all wireless headsets for cell phone use Bluetooth to connect to the phone. If you are using a new laptop, it should have a built-in bluetooth transceiver. However, if you are using an older laptop or a desktop machine, you will most likely require an USB Bluetooth adaptor to do this type of transfer. Once you have setup the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your laptop/computer, you will need to download the ringtones of your choice to your PC. Once that has been accomplished, you can simply transfer the ringtones over to your cell using the Bluetooth connection established between your PC and your phone.

    Using Infra Red (IR) Wireless Link

    Infra Red connection is another option for wireless data transfer though it is bit on the slow side and few machines supports it. You will need to have infra-red connectivity on both your phone and your PC/laptop for this to work. First check if your laptop has a built-in infra-red port(some older versions have this). Most PCs will require some kind of infra-red port adaptor since very few computers come with infrared transceivers built in. Then check the manual of your cellular phone to see if it has infra-red port (a good number of cellular phones manufactured before the migration to Bluetooth has a built in infra red port and most PDA type phones still retain this functionality). Then, you can follow the instructions in your manuals to establish a link between your cellular phone and your computer and use this method to download the mosquito ringtones to your cell phone. The overall process is the same as the Bluetooth method where you download the tones you want to your computer, then transfer it to your cellular phone via infra red(instead of Bluetooth) connection.

    Internet enabled mobile phones

    This one is extremely simple, all you have to do is to go to on your cell phone and download the tones directly to your phone. Follow the instructions in the manual for your phone on how to select it as the ringtone you want use and you are done.

    Using Data Cable

    Some mobile phones and almost all PDA phones have the option of a data transfer cable to connect to a PC via USB or serial port. PDA type mobile phones generally use some sort of docking station solution, however, regular cell phones use an optional cable that connects to the bottom of your cell phone. This method of data transfer is very straight forward if you follow your instruction manual. Once link has been established via the supplied software, you can simply download the ring tones to your PC from then transfer them to your mobile phone via the cable connection. Please check with the instruction manuals for your cell phone for exact details on how to transfer files since each manufacture/model of mobile phones has their own method. Once the link is established between the phone and your PC, it's usually a very simple operation. Once the mosquito ringtone is transferred to the cellphone, use it as you would any normal ringtone or alert sound. Freaks of Nature Naturally, human ear sensitivity drop as the frequency of the sound goes up. Younger kids can generally hear up to 20 KHz. Adults generally range between 10 KHz & 15 KHz. But, if you can hear frequencies higher than your age group allows, please let the world know by leaving a comment below. Our department of defense scientists would like make you disappear and run some crazy experiments on you… :)